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The Messy Truth of Mindfulness

A lot of people out there are all positivity and rainbows and are trying to sell you only the ideal side of things. “Do these steps, lessons... change your life! You’ll be peaceful and calm and mindful and life will be amazing!”

I’m not that person.

I’m going to give you the truth, because otherwise when you start any type of mindfulness practice you are likely to be sadly disappointed.

If you are disappointed you will probably blame yourself instead of me, (I never want you to be disappointed in yourself!)

But honestly, it’s my fault if I gave you the wrong idea when you get started. 

I wish there was a magic wand I could wave over you... but there is just you and moving forward in your beautiful human way.

Here is the truth about mindfulness: 

( in my experience and so many I am connected with and have worked with)

• It’s hard

• It’s messy

• It involves some moments and feelings of failure

• You have to push into discomfort

• It will often pull rug out from under your feet

• It takes lots of practice

• It takes time to get good/consistent with it

• You forget a lot

• You think you’re doing it wrong

• It’ll show you that you’re not as disciplined as you think

• Just when you think you know what you’re doing, something will happen and make you feel like a beginner.

• It requires love

Whew! That’s a lot of truth. 

I know some of you might be discouraged from even starting. Please - don’t be!

Here’s what you’ll also find:

• You just need to take small steps

• You will progress gradually, and even a little progression can make a big difference

• It is totally worth the struggle and practice...really

• It can help you develop better relationships (with others and yourself)

• It will help you develop better habits (we all have habits)

• You can get better at focus and overcoming procrastination

• You don’t need to be that disciplined — you just need to have the courage to keep coming back... baby steps... 

I will never sell you a fantasy, I believe in magic, but you still have to put in the work and faith.  I can tell you that mindfulness has changed my life more than almost anything else I’ve learned and practiced and done. I am not “perfect” at mindfulness and more truth...I  am not that disciplined about it. I just keep coming back and keep learning new things.

Let’s get started, my friends.

We’ll struggle, we’ll learn, we’ll enjoy the journey together.

Peace & hugs xxx


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