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Primal Soul Fall Offerings

Primal Soul Fall Offerings 2023

(These are the classes offered by Bobbie)

Primal Purna Yoga

Primal Purna Yoga is a holistic approach to yoga.

With Purna meaning ‘Complete’ and Yoga meaning ‘Union’ – I bring together a complete practice including body, mind, and soul.

I offer beautiful reiki infused, restorative flow style classes integrating postures with breath and meditation, suitable for anyone, beginner or well versed.

These classes are the combination of three powerful forms of healing.

They are spiritual practices to open, and rebalance through movement, breath awareness, meditation, and reiki energy. Using the power of Yoga we enhance the flow of energy throughout the body, mind, and spirit to help you feel connected and grounded.

I love the energy shifts and vibes of these classes, which are always evolving.

Yoga is so much more than the movement, it is about taking time to reconnect to the current moment and self… then to apply those notions in everyday life. When I see that switch light up within someone, I know their whole yoga experience is about to change.

Monday evenings 6:30 to 7:30pm in Nanton at Primal Soul - Starts Sept 11th/23

Punch card for 5 classes $97

Primal Soul Mindful Meditation

Each of my yoga sessions has an element of meditation, however I also offer separate 1:1 and group mindfulness and meditation sessions.

I create guided meditations for particular events or themes. It doesn’t matter if you have never meditated before or you meditate regularly, you will be guided on a unique heartfelt experience each time.

Finding strength and connection in the stillness of the mind and the body, can often be quite challenging, but it is by far one of the most rewarding experiences, whether it is for healing, motivation, productivity, to reduce stress and tension, or just to go within and re-discover yourself.

*These sessions can be booked privately for you or a small group you put together the cost will depend on the number of people.

Primal Soul Healing Sessions:

Reiki Sessions:

30 minute “Dust off” $47

In this 30 minute “mini” session You and I will spend a few minutes checking in, and then we will rebalance your energy centers.

This is for you if you just need a “quickie” to ground down and destress for a few minutes out of your hectic day and is a great short shot of self-care.

45 minute “ Tune up” $67

You have a bit more time and want a bit more balancing and de stressing. We will check in, rebalance energy centers. and have a bit more time to relax and “tune up/tune in” to your energy.

60 minute “Recalibrate” $87

We will check-in, tune in, and get a nice long time on the reiki table working on rebalancing, recalibrating, and relaxing, to go even deeper into allowing your healing response to turn on.

Sodashi Whole Soul Sessions

60-90 minutes $97-$127

Sodashi meaning wholeness, bringing radiance…

Intuitive healing sessions. We will check in and talk about why you sought this session and what you would like to accomplish. Based on where you are in the moment I will use the healing modalities I feel will most benefit you…Meditation, Reiki, Yoga poses, Breathing exercises, smudging and more to aid your healing journey.

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