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Tarot Card Readings Are Coming To Primal Soul

I am super excited to announce that tarot card readings are coming to Primal Soul!

I couldn't be happier to welcome Shelly Duret to the Primal Soul squad!

Shelley is gifted, trained and certified in multiple holistic pathways including but not limited to 500hr yoga instructor, Nidra and mindfulness guide, Reiki practitioner, Mio-facial and cranial-sacral adjustments, grief recovery specialist, end-of-life doula and, of course, intuitive card readings!

Being drawn to universal alignment has brought Shelly space and scope to work through her own life journey

"Knowing you're not ever alone brings such a sense of peace, and gives strength even during the hard parts of life journey”

It's from this place that Shelley chooses to share her gifts and healings. Shelley, after receiving her Grandmothers Tarot deck 9 years ago, started to delve into the world of what messages the cards had to offer. Developing a personal place for intuitive readings in her own life, she started to share her messages with her friends and family- realizing that her alternative approach to readings gave her Quarent a different means to hear what Universal Messages were waiting for them.

Shelley will be at Primal Soul offering her intuitive tarot card readings on March 21st! She only has five appointments available, so claim yours now before they're gone!

Appointments are 45 minutes long and are $75.

Contact me at to claim your appointment!

Peace & hugs

Bobbie xxx