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Heal Yourself With My Self-Healing Reiki E-Book

Have you ever been curious about Reiki?⁠

Have you ever wondered if you were a healer?⁠

Have you ever thought about learning a healing modality?⁠

If so, you will love my Self Healing Reiki Practice E-Book!⁠

In this short e-book, you will learn how to perform a simple Reiki practice on yourself and create a self-healing ritual that you can stick with! ⁠

This book is for you if any of the below applies⁠

💜You are on your healing journey or would like to start one⁠

💜 You want to add a meaningful practice to your self-care routine⁠

💜You're curious about Reiki and want to try it out yourself⁠

💜You're looking to expand yourself as an energy healer⁠

💜You want to become a Reiki practitioner yourself!⁠

💜You work with humans or animals and want to add more healing to your practices!⁠

The e-book is priced at only $3.99 because I wanted this healing superpower how-to manual to be super accessible to everyone!⁠

You can grab your copy here -->

I can't wait for you to get your hands on it! (pun intended 💜)⁠

Peace & hugs⁠

Bobbie xxx⁠

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