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Doing the work for yourself.

Sometimes things aren’t easy or fast.

No one really wants to hear goes with the old adages and cliches about hard work getting you where you want to go...sweat equity…

You typically don’t find any of these things openly displayed on social media, they aren’t considered “sexy” or “fun”.

We all find the end result “sexy”, the winning moment picture...shiny happy faces talking about their wealth, health, freedom, or spiritual alignment.

The authentic truth is what we don’t see… all of the gritty, sweaty, sometimes overwhelming moments in the beginning and middle of the journey.

Michael Angelo painted the Sistine Chapel laying on his back for hundreds and hundreds of hours. Think about that...seriously!! Ouch!! 

I can only imagine how physically, and mentally arduous that must have been!

But…what we see, and only want to see is the beauty that resulted.

A lot of inspiring people talk about the “journey” of fulfilling their desires, or healing, or creating, their lives...but we typically are only privy to the pretty pictures at the end.

I think there is true undiluted beauty in the messy middle of the journey.  The stripped-down, no make-up, “working through whatever it is you need to work through” part.  It is the open, raw, “primal”, part that makes the end result you achieve more sweet and meaningful.

For most of us this requires getting quiet, listening to our inner voice (our heart and soul voice) and figuring out who we really are, and what we really want.

Mindfulness, meditation and journaling have been a huge and beautiful part of this for me.

If you want to start your own journey take a dive with me...a Seven Day Soul Dive.

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