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Divine Mediumship Coming To Primal Soul!

I am so happy to announce that well respected medium Jade Soetaert will be joining us at Primal Soul!

Jade is a long time facilitator of Laughter Yoga, Heart Virtues, Meditation and Mediumship. She became a Certified Heart Virtues Expert, Coach and Trainer in 2007, a Laughter Yoga Leader in 2009, developed her Meditation Program in 2015 and is a Senior Church Medium with Calgary First Spiritualist Church. She is also a founding member of the Lethbridge Spiritualist Centre as well!

Once Covid-19 shut the world down, she created many different Online Meditations, Writing Workshops, Mediumship and Empathic Workshops as well as has been doing one on one readings through zoom.

I am so excited that Jade will be joining us at Primal Soul as a medium! The clarity and comfort that a reading with Jade provides is truly her gift to the world.

Jade's next day at Primal Soul is Tuesday February 23rd.

Jade has 5 appointments available, each is 30 minutes long. You can contact me at to secure your appointment!

"A mediumship reading is a truly sacred experience. Savor it." - Unknown

You can check out Jade's website to learn more about her here -->

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