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Primal Soul Boutique

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Come visit the
Primal Soul boutique
in Nanton!

Primal Soul, the store is located at 2112 20th Street Nanton, Alberta, Canada!

Find inner peace, and be the best version of you.


My name is Bobbie, welcome to my website!

I am an artist. I am a survivor, an empath, a certified Yoga teacher, Reiki Master, Mindfulness meditation teacher, and creative catalyst. I am... a lifelong seeker of knowledge and experience.

I believe… That we can choose how we interpret our experiences, we can see them in a way that continually makes us suffer or we can interpret them in a way that helps us grow, become more whole, more soul-full.

How I can help you!

How I can help you grow and transform!


Creative. Empathic. Playful. Compassionate. Mindful. Free Spirited. I use mindfulness, and creativity to help you listen within, to your own voice, and see where you are right now. Then we work together to co-create new, more peaceful, more joyful, and mindful, ways for you to show up for yourself and in the world. My approach is rooted in creative mindfulness and meditation. I will also go deeply into my training in yoga, reiki, soul art practices, and my own personal artistic process as an artist and teacher.

I will guide and support you on your path of transformation...healing... self-discovery... more peaceful living...and joyful seeking!  

xoxo Bobbie

Shop the art of my soul...

Vibrant, radiant, full of energy, and’s how I feel when I paint, and usually the visual “feel” of my work.

There is often an underlying intuitive urgency when I paint...the sense of images, and emotions, that just need to be released onto the canvas. Every piece is a soul journey.  

I love the connection of creating with just my hands, so all of my pieces are “finger paintings” done with some studio dancing, singing at the top of my lungs, oil sticks, and love.

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About my paintings...

Go ahead, take a peek into my journal...

Join the Seven Day Soul Dive Meditation Challenge

Your soul is seeking change…

Do you find yourself searching for more peace, more connection, more spark, more joy?

We are living in a noisy, chaotic, and ever-changing, the world right now that can leave us feeling overwhelmed, frazzled... disconnected from ourselves.

All of the “shoulds” we load onto ourselves can keep us busy, distracted, and feeling like we are in survival mode. 

If you are feeling any of this you need this challenge.

Bring more joy, peace and calm into your life with my quick and easy Seven Day Soul Dive challenge. I will walk you through each day of meditations and assist you in developing the habit of purposely bringing the calm tranquility into your life you so badly desire!

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Work One-On-One With Bobbie to supercharge your meditation and healing practice!

Bobbie Deno presents Creative Mindfulness Coaching & Private classes via phone call, FaceTime, or in person!

How would it feel to realign all areas of your life with more PEACE & JOY? 

To feel connected, tuned in... and more YOU...

One-On-One Creative Mindfulness Coaching is designed to support you in alignment in all areas of your life.

Think of this as guiding energy!

I would love to support you in mindfully creating a life you are excited about. 

It’s time to find what makes your heart sing, feel better, more creative, more centered, and happier!