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Primal Soul Boutique
& Spa
in Nanton!

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Come visit  
Primal Soul boutique & spa in Nanton!

Primal Soul, the store & spa are  located at 2112 &2114 20th Street Nanton, Alberta, Canada!
403 652-9794

Find inner peace, and be the best version of you.


My name is Bobbie, welcome to Primal Soul!

I am an artist. I am a survivor, an empath, a certified Yoga teacher, Reiki Master, Mindfulness meditation teacher, and multi passionate entrepreneur.

I have created Primal Soul, Located downtown Nanton, Alberta.

It was created for the boho soul, wild hearted and free spirited human.

I believe… That we can choose how we interpret our experiences, we can see them in a way that continually makes us suffer or we can interpret them in a way that helps us grow, become more whole, more soul-full.

What is Primal Soul


Primal Soul is a living entity to me, a space full of ideas, courses, creations, a physical space of clothing I love, yoga, reiki, art, and eclectic treasures, and weaving through it all my deep seated desire to make people feel “good”…like they have been gently hugged and know they matter.

A living, breathing, space that you can find, or do something that gives you a moment of joy... that helps you be, or feel more “you”…  

Peace and Hugs

xoxo Bobbie