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Seven Day Soul Dive Meditation Challenge

Your soul is seeking change…

Do you find yourself searching for more peace, more connection, more spark, more joy?

We are living in a noisy, chaotic, and ever-changing, the world right now that can leave us feeling overwhelmed, frazzled...disconnected from ourselves.

All of the “shoulds” we load onto ourselves can keep us busy, distracted, and feeling like we are in survival mode. 

If you are feeling any of this you need this course.


The Seven-day Soul Dive is a doable way to start incorporating simple practices into your day that will nourish your soul...your life.


How you will feed your soul and start to change your life:

  • You will begin a healing mindful meditation practice.

  • You will become more conscious of your inner voice...your heart voice.

  • You will feel more connected to your mind, body, and heart.

  • You will learn practices you can use throughout the day.

  • You will learn to show up for yourself... more present in the moments of your life.

  • You will be able to tap into more peace and joy.


How you will “dive in”:

  • 7 days of short guided mindful meditations.

  • 7 daily printable journal pages to help you “tap in” to you.

  • Daily guidance and encouragement.

  • Support and connection and daily motivation to “just do it” in a private Facebook group.

  • Seeing your daily accomplishments marked on your Soul Dive calendar.


You will begin to feel more present and connected to yourself and empowered with tools to help you live and love your life with more peace and joy.

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