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This course can no longer be booked.

Level 1 Reiki Course

December 4th 11-3pm

  • Ended
  • 207 Canadian dollars
  • Primal Soul Healing Space

Service Description

You are ready. I believe in you. I am intensely invested in you getting the best results possible. I put in the time, effort and love so that you get the best outcome from this course. It is truly amazing how much people can learn... shift... and heal... when they are just given a chance. WHAT IS REIKI? My short answer to this is…Reiki is a beautiful, positive, universal, healing energy that can be shared. WHAT’S THE MEANING OF REIKI? The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words. First… Rei which means “higher power” or “Universal”. And then …Ki which means “life force energy”. Brought together, Reiki actually means ''Universal Life Force Energy''. REIKI IS A HEALING TECHNIQUE FROM JAPAN Reiki is a healing technique from Japan helping to reduce stress and promote relaxation and healing of the person receiving it. During a session, the Reiki Master will allow the life force energy flow through them and into the recipient by laying hands on the recipient or just above them. When I practice/share Reiki, I myself prefer to place my hands on the person, but that's just a personal preference. Reiki can also be given at distance. I have been giving reiki distance healing treatments to my family, friends, and pets, when requested and they can be just as effective! Reiki is based on the concept that imbalanced vital energy in our bodies can lead to disease and by sharing energy to correct these imbalances, we promote healing. If your life force energy is low then you are more likely to get sick, feel stress and tired and on the other side, if it’s high, then you are going to feel more happy, energized and healthy. Reiki truly promotes the relaxation response in your body which is the optimal place for you to be to heal anything. This course is designed for you to practice meditation, affirmations and self-healing and learn to integrate these energies into daily life. YOU WILL LEARN: History of Reiki Basic Reiki hand positions Grounding energy Breathing techniques Chakras overview Self Reiki Mindful Meditation At the end of this training, you will be a certified Level I Practitioner and able to begin your own personal journey.

Contact Details

403 652-9794

Look for the big white bench. 2112 20 St, Nanton, AB, Canada

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