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Yoga For The Mind & Soul? Let's Do It!

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

I'm starting my next “thing" today... want to join me?... it’s free :)

Let’s call it… Yoga For My/Our Mind ... and our Soul :)

This “thing” isn’t going to be about resolutions or a program outside of myself/ourselves. It is very simply going to be about “kindness” and “noticing”. (Yes… both are big in mindfulness, yoga, and reiki) :)

For whatever reason, I just started taking more notice that the quality of my self-talk has been steadily declining lately. In this weird year, this isn’t a huge surprise, but regardless, it is not something I want to continue!

Despite all of the growth and accomplishments this year has brought in my life, I am noticing that I am talking to myself more about the things I haven’t done, let slide, or perceived “should haves”. Really and truly all the “things” that should have nothing to do with how I feel!

I may have pulled together the opening of a business in the span of a month, (among many other accomplishments this year) but instead of “seeing” and focusing on all it took to do that and feeling accomplished and yes... happy... I can let what I see in the mirror or over top of the waistband of my jeans be where my less than good self-talk gets focused.

I am not even going to write here the words I say to myself... they are not kind and I would never ever say them to anyone else. As I write this I know that if anyone said these words to someone in my world I would likely verbally shred them for their lack of compassion.

We all have the innate ability to be our own worst critic... to see our own perceived faults.

Literally, some of the less than kind thoughts or beliefs have been hard-wired into our brains... it’s science.

The great thing about any sort of wiring though is that you can rewire it... reroute the path. It can certainly be a difficult task, like the old wiring hiding in a vintage house... but it can be done!

Sooo… my “thing” for at least the next month is to exist in more kindness and noticing. For me, this is going to look like cleaning up my self-talk and maybe some of the less than healthy habits I have let myself fall back into... better personal practices and choices... more kindness has to start with me and flow with love from there.

For you!?

You get to decide!

What does kindness and more noticing need to be for you?

Fuck the expectation to set a big resolution or start a personal revolution... just kindness... inside and out.

Want to journey together on this? I encourage you to email me if so! We can decide together if we should be a “group”. Nothing super formal and if you want to stay private... cool, just say that in a message... we can even text!

Hell... if you are local come visit me... you know where to find me… let’s chat :)

You can reach me at

If you'd like to start this new year off with a mindful, soulful start, then you may enjoy the Seven Day Soul Dive. My seven-day crash course into mindful, love-full and soulful meditative journaling. You can check that out here!

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