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Who are you listening to?

Who Are You Listening To?

A life-changing quote for me was:  

“Don’t take advice from someone not living a life you want to live” (I am unfortunately not sure of the source)

I have been a literal course junkie!  Signing up, buying in, downloading…

I know some of taking all of these things have stemmed from my absolute love of learning new things, but most of it has come from me searching for the way to “fix” myself, for the answers or solutions to things from outside myself.

I was always looking for the next course, the next book, the next diet, the next exercise program, group or guru that was going to catapult me magically into feeling “better”, more comfortable in my own skin, more peaceful in my mind and heart, more worthy, more loved… and happier.

I felt I needed something to help me find some peace, see my thoughts, and experiences instead of reliving them over and over. I have a laundry list of things that I had to experience to get to where, and who I am today.

I am not a well-known guru, I am a woman living in rural Alberta, Canada, with a big dream to help other women with similar struggles... those who think the next course, diet, pair of shoes, is going to finally be that “thing” that makes everything else O.K.

I see so much beauty in the women around me, and ache in my heart because they don’t see it themselves.

They are stuck on being a certain size, looking a certain way, a certain age... doing what they have been told they “should” or living by what other people need, or want them to be. They wind-up feeling sad, overwhelmed, disconnected, and discontent in their lives.

I have been there and still take trips there sometimes (life)... but the visits have become less and less because of the tools I have in my life now.

I have a passion to share them in meaningful and doable ways.

Let’s “Soul Dive” together. 

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