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Who Am I? About Me.

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Who Are You Listening To?

A life-changing quote for me was:

“Don’t take advice from someone not living a life you want to live” (not sure of the source)

I have been a literal course junkie! Signing up, buying in, downloading…..

I know what is behind some of taking all of these things has been my absolute love of learning new things, but most of it has come from me searching for the way to “fix” myself, for the answers or solutions to things from outside myself. I was always looking for the next course, the next book, the next diet, the next exercise program, group or guru that was going to catapult me magically into feeling “better”, more comfortable in my own skin, more peaceful in my mind and heart, more worthy, more loved….happier.

I felt I needed something to help me find some peace, see my thoughts and experiences instead of reliving them over and over.

I have a laundry list of things that I had to experience to get to where, and who I am today.

I have lived through trauma in my childhood, two practice marriages, diagnosed with ADHD and PTSD, life changing illness and ongoing dances with it, watching as so many people I was connected to die from the same illness. I've been left wondering why them and not me, struggling with self-worth and self-love, and always searching outside of myself for the validation, the vindication, the value of my life.

It was a long and winding path, but I finally came to the deep knowing that the only place any of this love, acceptance, value... even joy, resides within me... within all of us.

We just have to learn to listen and to trust.

We have so much power when we take back our own lives, listen to ourselves, and see ourselves... not living for the reflection we see in others eyes.

xxx Bobbie

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