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The Joys Of The Womens Circle

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

I think the benefits of being part of a women’s circle are different for each person, for me, it’s having a space where I can hold and be held.

It’s a space where I am fully accepted.

Where I can cry, play, and laugh and it's all ok.

It’s very powerful to share your experience with others and have it witnessed and often brings new insights and clarity.

I believe women’s circles bring us community and support. They are a space where we can connect and share our experiences.

A place to recognize that we are not alone, a place to meet the sacred within us... the scared...the scarred. 

I feel that being in an accepting group is important as there is a deeper understanding of each others’ experiences.

I feel that women’s circles are important at this time because society is so fast-paced and focused on achieving things.

Women typically give hugely to the world and don’t allow time for themselves.

Women’s circles are spaces where women may celebrate, nurture, and replenish themselves. 

Nourish their Souls!

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