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Solvable obstacles to meditation... time... space... comfort... guidance…

Can’t seem to get into meditating? You aren’t alone.

Lately I have had a lot of people ask me about how I manage to meditate and then they  tell me all the reasons why they think they can’t. Most of them say it is because they can’t find the time... space... comfort... or guidance they need to start. What is super exciting about these obstacles is that they are easily solved and you can use them as  a basis to start your meditation practice.

Baby steps!

Taking anything on (especially right now) needs to be done in small chewable pieces so that you don’t give up because you have overwhelmed yourself! Please!

1. Time

So many people say “I don’t have time to meditate”, but most people have 10 minutes.  

Deciding when and how long you will meditate is a great first step. When you wake up personal favorite... or before you go to bed are good times to practice.

The most important thing is to pick a time and stick with it.  Once you start to feel the benefits of meditating regularly it’s easier to make time because you start to look forward to it...really :)

2. Space

While it is true that you can meditate anywhere, for most people it is important to find a quiet space that helps you relax and be still  – a place at work or home where your dog... can’t interrupt you. 

Having a dedicated space can help your practice because it is always available and you can make it beautiful and peaceful. If this is not possible, you can also find quiet spaces on the go where you can sit quietly and unwind. 

3. Comfort/Posture

I have worked  with people who tell me they can’t meditate because they can’t sit on the floor comfortably. You don’t have to sit on the floor like a yogi guru!!! Find a comfortable place to sit where you won’t fall asleep...unless you want to fall asleep...but really I like to think of it as sitting in comfortable dignity.  A chair...your bed...the floor ...just find your place.

4. Guidance

Finding the right teacher or guide can be beautiful and helpful, when you are just starting a practice. You may also get help from books or Apps or a combination of these. The most important thing is that you find what you need to start and grow your practice.

I always tell people to trust yourself. Find what feels good to you!

There are so many ways to practice...the thing is to learn what supports you best and brings you real happiness. 

The Seven Day Soul Dive Challenge I created can be a great “small steps” start! In my 7DSD you will do the baby steps, guided by me, of starting a meditation and journaling practice that you can stick with! You will receive seven days of guided meditations, journal prompts, affirmations and also membership into an exclusive Facebook group of like minded people working to create their own membership practice!

Peace and hugs xxx


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