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Resilience is a hot topic right now, and for good reason given our current life and world circumstances.

There are many definitions of resilience, The best one I have found is the ability, inner resources, and willingness to rally in the face of change, challenges, or adversity.

People who are resilient don’t let life’s challenges define or destroy them...they certainly experience challenges and adversity...feel all of the emotions...but they can still move forward...they have a core understanding that it is just part of life’s journey.

Resilience seems to be innate to some people...they make navigating life look easy...but it is truly something they work on, and everyone else can work on to improve the experience of life.

What makes someone resilient?  An optimistic outlook? A positive attitude? An ability to move with and through their emotions?

Cultivating resilience starts with self-awareness...that is what makes mindful meditation such a powerful practice to help grow resilience.

Going inward is the path to examining and creating your life story.

In times of transition, disappointment, or challenge, our inner voice can be more critical, negative, and can make us feel more vulnerable and stuck.

When we become more aware of ourselves, we can excavate the small moments of joy, magic, or greatness, that can be buried by the negative stories we re-tell ourselves, and negative self talk.

By changing our stories we can change our way of experiencing our lives.

Resilience is not mere “surviving” it is what bumps us into “thriving”.

Mindful practices and meditation can take you through the journey of personal awareness and help you build more resilience.

A great place to start is my Seven Day Soul Dive. Let me help you start creating a gentle, safe space for inner awareness and listening... healing. 

You can learn more about the 7DSD here -->



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