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Making Your Morning More Mindful

Making Your Morning More Mindful

How you spend the first few moments of your morning sets the tone for your day. Each morning is a fabulous,fresh... beautiful opportunity to be your best. Feeling positive in the morning leads to  being happier throughout your day. 

What is your first morning habit?

Do you check your phone and scroll social media... maybe read a work email... automatically turn on the TV to the news?

If  this is the first thing you do, you are truly  allowing someone else to set the tone for your day.

Maybe it’s a social media post that triggers comparison... or a sad story on the news.  

When your first morning action is taking in someone else’s energy, you’re reacting to that person or situation and letting them set the tone for your day. When you are in a place of being reactive, it’s difficult to feel your own true feelings of peace and happiness.

Starting your morning positively is a more mindful, healthy, and happy start to your day.

A simple practice to be proactive in the morning is to keep a journal and pen beside your bed. When you first wake up (before reaching for your phone) take a moment and write down three things you’re grateful for, one thing you love about yourself and an intention for your day.

When you focus on what you have and are thankful for, no matter how big or small, you can’t help but feel happiness and joy. Gratitude is one of the simplest ways to be more positive in your life. It helps you step back from the constant desire for more and sit with the bliss of what you have.

Noting one thing you love about yourself every morning can be really tough. We tend to focus on what we don’t like about ourselves more than what we do like. This practice can help calm the negative self-talk that might sneak into your morning.

All positive change comes from a place of self love. When you’re positive in the morning with kind... even loving self talk you will make healthier, more positive decisions for yourself during the day.

Setting an intention for your day first thing in the morning gives you purpose and puts you in a positive mindset. You will automatically begin to think how you can fulfill that intention throughout the day. It might be as simple as being kind to everyone you encounter or making the healthiest food choices to give your beautiful body the energy and nourishment it needs to thrive. It gives you the opportunity to make your day what you want.

Creating a new habit of writing the three things each morning only takes a few minutes but taking this action will transform your mood, thoughts and mindset allowing you to live a more mindful, positive day that you’ve created for yourself from a place of gratitude, self love and intention. 

Want to build this habit? The Seven Day Soul Dive I created is a great place to start! I created the 7DSD to be a reset button for your mind, body, and spirit. Think of this challenge as a juice cleanse for your soul. In it you'll get seven days of guided meditations for beginners, journal prompts, affirmations and more. You'll even join our exclusive 7DSD group for members only, where you'll receive guidance from me!

Peace and Hugs xxx


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