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Lions,Tigers, & Bears… Oh My… | Lets talk Fear, Anxiety & Uncertainty

Fear, anxiety, and uncertainty are truly all the same thing just with different names.

We don’t know how the future will turn out. We don’t know whether we will be OK. We are uncertain about how things will go, how we will do, how we will be, how others will be. And we fear this!

Fear of failure, fear of looking foolish, fear of unknown situations, are all really just fear of uncertainty about the always unknown future.

Let’s take a peek at our fear or uncertainty:

1. We would like things to be safe, certain, under our control, familiar, comfortable. This is our ideal wish for life, even if we don’t think about it or realize it, admit it... it is what we truly want in our hearts... certainty, control, and comfort.

2. Life is never ever certain. It is often uncomfortable. It’s never really under our control… so it doesn’t conform to our ideal wishes much of the time.

3. The difference between life (uncertain, uncomfortable, uncontrollable) and our wishes cause us the stress and fear we feel.

What can we do?

We have choices…

1. Change our lives to fit our wishes.  Oh boy...that means trying to make other people act the way we want them to (or believe they should)... make life a mission of control... to always have comfort and certainty... to make everything in our lives perfect. (I’m tired just thinking and writing this)

2. Loosen up on our wishes. Let go a little...or a lot :) If life won’t fit our ideas of what it “should” be, and that is causing us to feel so much stress … how about if we let go of the “shoulds”? (Or at least not hold so tightly to them).  This is not easy!! We want everyone (including ourselves) to behave within our expectations… we want the world to go according to our plan. 

You can continue to fight and struggle.... or run from the struggles... avoiding them and distracting yourself and trying to comfort your pain with food and shopping and alcohol and TV and social media and video games and drugs. But in our hearts, we know none of this works very well, because we’re just running from our problems or challenges, usually making things worse in the long run.

The wish for you... is to let go...

It’s what we’ll work on in our mindfulness practice.

Are you feeling stressed, played-out, exhausted, or lackluster right now? This universal feeling of “I’m so drained. I’m so tired. I don’t feel passionate” is exactly why I created The Seven Day Soul Dive. The 7DSD is a week-long meditation and journaling challenge designed to connect you to your heart, find inner peace, and clarity in this wild year. Think of this challenge as hitting the RESET button on your heart, soul, and mind!

You can get involved in the 7DSD Journaling & Meditation challenge here -->

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