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Let's Do Yoga!

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Introducing Personalized Private and Semi-Private Yoga Classes at Primal Soul Nanton

Everyone’s health, safety, mental well-being, and comfort are the most important factors...these offerings are designed to keep you safe.

Primal Soul is excited to announce that we offer specialized and supportive private and semi-private yoga classes.

Come with your family or cohort.

Private yoga offers many benefits. Classes can be completely personalized for your needs. From preference of class style and level of practice. It can be a great way to deepen your understanding, refine your alignment, or build towards more advanced movements.

Benefits of Private and Semi-Private Yoga Sessions

  • You receive my one-on-one attention and focus.

  • I can tailor sessions to your needs.

  • You can work toward specific wellness goals.

  • I’m present to help guide you toward your wellness goals.

  • I can help you create an at-home practice.

  • You become aware of your body’s habits and patterns.

------------- Personalized private group classes as well!-------------------

Family yoga experiences, or ladies night parties, whatever it is you are looking for. Something fun and light, grounding and stress relieving or connecting and intimate.

Keeping ourselves safe and healthy means choosing a class and environment that does not add more stress to our bodies, minds, and souls, and Primal Soul yoga aims for exactly that.

Single sessions or packages of 4 classes available.

Email me at to schedule your yoga classes. I'd be thrilled to share this space with you to expand through your yoga practice.

Peace & hugs

Bobbie xxx

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