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I Am... Tired

I find myself tired…

Tired of feeling trapped by rules and regulations I am not sure I believe in or have any faith in anymore.

Tired of the divisiveness this is causing everywhere... between communities, provinces... friends. The residual effect it is having on people.

Tired of politicians that are willy-nilly making decisions without public input... hiding behind the mask and quagmire of Covid19.

Tired of closures and openings that to me and any reasoning individual I have talked to lack any logic, common sense, or compassion.

Tired of having serious moments of anxiety about our personal rights and freedoms being slowly and methodically eroded away. Have you ever read or heard the story about the frog and boiling water… The heat just being turned up so slowly and consistently from pleasant bath to poorly cooked frog. (Seriously this freaks me out, I see historical parallels!)

My throat feels tight and I am tearing up as I write this... sadness... frustration... and I know a big dose of the empathic sense I have of everyone I come into contact with.

Soul tired…

I make a daily choice to live with love, hope and continued optimism, but at this moment I am tired.

I am NOT disputing or disparaging anyone’s beliefs here. This is a moment of personal introspection, rumination, made public because I know so many feeling this way and various shades of this.

I guess I just wanted you to know I feel it too... and... I will hug you, hold your hand, have a conversation, be a cheerleader, hold space in any way I can... always.

Peace & hugs


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