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Hope & Hand Sanitizer

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Hope and optimism seem to me to be as essential as hand sanitizer.

Some people mock and laugh at those of us who take an intentionally cheerful tone when things are tough, and often we are met with what seems to be considered a stinging insult and referred to as a “Pollyanna”. Eleanor H Porter’s novel, where she introduced Pollyanna, who “played the glad game”, struck a truly human chord. Usually, those who have tried to emulate Pollyanna’s habit of looking for the upside in any situation commonly come from circumstances where it takes real strength of character not to sink into fear and self-pity.

True optimism is not a way of avoiding the facts – the word for that is denial. For some, being bright and positive comes naturally. They are the rubber ducks, bobbing to the surface instantly after they’ve been pushed under. For others, banishing gloom requires real work, constantly shoring up the fear places, and escorting middle-of-the-night anxiety out of the door.

A dream and a beacon of hope… (I hope)

Merriam-Webster defines a beacon as a source of light or inspiration.

I see a beacon as a person who shines their light, and, in turn, inspires, guides, and brings hope to others.

I think that every single day, we have endless opportunities to be a beacon. We are being a beacon every time we get through a challenging conversation or situation. We are being a beacon every time we stretch ourselves and speak our truth. We are being a beacon every time we allow ourselves to show up and be vulnerable and real. We are being a beacon every time we smile, we love, we accept, we connect, we celebrate, we risk, we encourage. We are being a beacon every time we allow ourselves to be human and imperfect.

So to all who have asked…Yes, I am hopeful…and yes I am starting a business during a pandemic…and resoundingly YES I am more than a little crazy in many ways...but in the words of one of my favorite storybook characters…all the best people are.

My wish and dream…

I wish and hope that every time you walk through the door of Primal Soul you can palpably feel hope, love, uplifted, and soul hugged in some way. I have poured my heart into this space and endeavor. My heart and my door are open.

Peace & hugs

Bobbie xxx

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