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Hiding Fears & Insecurities

One of the things I came to realize when I was teaching high school art is that we all typically have the same fears and insecurities whether we are a teenager or an matter our age. I have come to believe the only difference is that as we get older we tend to hide it better. We learn to hide it from others, but even more sadly we build behaviors and patterns to hide from ourselves.

So…what if we healed it instead?

What if we healed and could show our kids how to move forward with tools to help and heal themselves throughout life’s many changes and they don’t need to hide.

The conversations I would have with students in my classes about fears, confidence, body image, other people’s opinions, have turned out to be the same conversations I am having with adults in yoga classes, reiki sessions, or life.

The thing that would stop kids in my art class from taking an artistic risk and putting a bit of themselves “out there” is the very same thing that stops adults...fear.

Looking at my teaching practice, I spent more time teaching awareness practices for self-confidence, and self-care practices, than I did teaching actual art skills.

I loved it!!!

The “art” came when they felt safe and confident enough to be “seen.”

The same can be said for adults in anything I am teaching or facilitating.

So I began to believe that if I can help the adults...parents...of our young people to heal, they would be better equipped to model and teach their children.

Fearful adults raise fearful is a cycle.  If a mother has issues with confidence or her body image she will in most cases unwittingly pass the same issues to her daughter.

I know what tools worked for my students and have seen the same things work for adults I work with. 

Let me help you become more aware of and heal the hidden, forgotten, and fearful, parts of you.

The Seven Day Soul Dive is a great place to start!

Even if you don’t have children to lead and raise with healthy modeled behavior, do it for yourself and create what can be a more aware, peaceful, and joyful life.

Start your journey with me :)



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