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5 Questions To Ask Yourself For More...

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Five Questions

 to ask yourself every day for more clarity, confidence, and kindness.

A good question can be a key to powerful transformation!

If you feel like you want more clarity, confidence, and self-compassion in your life, here are five questions that will nudge you to change your thinking and perspective. You can handpick the questions that resonate with you or work your way through all of them in order. 

P.S. they are more effective if you take some quiet time and journal with them.

1. What's working well in my life right now?

As humans, we tend to be problem-solvers. While this has its pluses, we can end up focusing on what we feel is wrong and we should fix instead of recognizing the things that are good and working in our lives right now.

2. What is one thing that would have a big positive impact on my life if I STARTED doing it today?

Small, consistent changes are more likely to stick than one-off big gestures. What one, single, action can you take today?

3. What is one thing that would have a big positive impact on my life if I STOPPED doing it today?

We all have habits and behaviors that we’d rather not have. A good way to take these on (without overwhelm) is to choose one action at a time and be as consistent as possible with changing that before moving onto the next.

4. What advice would my 80-year-old self give me about my life today?

This question can help us to connect with our inner teacher… inner voice. The wisest, most knowing version of ourselves). She shows us that even during challenging times or issues, we have all the answers we need if we’re willing to get quiet and listen within for them.

5. If I were 5% or 10% kinder to myself today, what would I do differently?

No matter where what’s happening in our lives right now, we can think of ways to be a little bit kinder to ourselves. Five or ten percent is enough of a difference to impact how we feel, but not so big that it requires us to overhaul our lives. Over time, however, these increments add up to lovely, lasting change.

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